Netflix Lays Out Its New Price Increases

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Netflix just got a little pricier, but luckily... just a little. Last month, we learned that a price hike from the streaming video super service was in the works, and today the company announced the final numbers and details of the increase. The price will increase $1, £1, and €1 for new users in the United States, Britain, and the rest of Europe (respectively.) This brings the cost in the U.S. to $8.99 a month. 

A Netflix spokesperson told PCMag that the increase is final as of today, but only for new members. "To continue adding more movies and TV shows and delivering a great streaming experience, we previously announced that we planned to increase our price slightly for new members. That increase is happening today." Netflix also said the website will reflect the new pricing soon. 

As for existing users, Netflix is cutting them some slack. Members that signed up before today will be grandfathered in with the $7.99 a month price for the next two years. The cost of a U.K. membership will now be £6.99 per month, up from £5.99 and the rest of Europe is now priced at €8.99 per month. 

Overall, the hike is a fair increase. The price had not changed since 2010 even though massive amounts of streaming content had been added, and more and more people rely on it for the digital entertainment. The extra hundred pennies are worth the neverending episodes of, well ... almost everything that Netflix provides. 

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