Microsoft's Surface Pro 3 Will Cost $799, Pre-Orders Start Tomorrow

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Today, Microsoft unveiled their newest tablet, the Surface Pro 3, at a press conference in New York. The new tablet is thinner and faster than its predecessors, and also boasts a larger screen, at 12 inches. It is only 800 grams in weight and 9.1 mm thick, even lighter than the MacBook Air. 

Microsoft is marketing the new Surface as a replacement for both laptops and tablets; as it is an even hybrid of the two. In order to work as a hybrid laptop/tablet (laplet? tabtop?), there is an optional keyboard cover, available separately. The cover magnetically attaches to the front of the device, so it can be put into your lap. As an added feature, Microsoft includes a stylus for writing on the screen. It, supposedly, offers the same experience as writing in pen on paper. 

It hits the market Wednesday and the starting price is $799. 

Check out the unveiling here:

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