Meet the New Electric Skateboard You Can Control With Your Phone

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A company called Marbel has raised enough funds via their Kickstarter to create the world's lightest electric skateboard. Weighing in at just over nine pounds, it can go up to 20 miles per hour and has a range of about ten miles. An added bonus: it connects to your phone through an app, which allows you to set the speed you're most comfortable with.


Some early prototypes. 

The board took two years to engineer and design. Marbel was focused on making the board look like a traditional longboard, stripping the bulky battery pack found on similar products, without giving up speed and battery life. The prototype does have a shorter range than other electric skateboards. While the competition offers around 20 miles per charge, Marbel found "in real world conditions, most of our test riders are getting over 10 miles per charge." If 10 miles isn't enough for your trip, a complete charge will take you an hour and a half. The battery used is lithium ion, with a custom management system they have created. 

As for the board itself, Marbel uses a combination of carbon fiber and kevlar —that's one seriously strong skateboard. The materials used protect the electronics inside from any conditions, so no need to worry about skating through a puddle. 

The crowning feature is the dashboard app that allows the rider to use their smartphone to determine their speed, acceleration, and share your rides with other Marbel users. It also offers a useful map that determines your battery range — exactly how far you can go with the current charge of the board. 

It's set to cost $1,199. That's way more than your average long board, but think of all the wear and tear you'll save on your shoes.

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