Lunch With Tim Cook Will Run You $330,000, and That's a Bargain

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In an auction held by CharityBuzz this month to benefit the RFK Center for Justice and Human Rights, a lunch date with Apple CEO Tim Cook went for $330,000. Last year, a coffee date auction with Cook went for $610,000. So this time around, you get a full meal with the executive and more face time (and FaceTime) for half the price

It looks like Cook has really deprecated in value since the last auction, but he still brought in a much heftier sum than his fellow charity buzzers. A meeting with Ben Bernanke, former Federal Reserve chairman, went for just over $70,000 and AOL chief Tim Armstrong is sitting at a lowly $3,500. (He only has one bid.) 

As for the donor who paid to meet Tim Cook, their identity has not been revealed, nor was the identity of last year's high-paying donor. CharityBuzz has an iron clad privacy agreement with their donors, but whoever it is, they got a great deal. 

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