Lebron James Is Now an App

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Have you ever wanted to carry Lebron James in your pocket? Neither have we. But somebody must, because the team over at Samsung (one of LeBron's sponsors) "the Lebron app" today. It's an exclusive for Galaxy owners. 

Todd Pendleton, chief marketing officer at Samsung Telecommunications America, describes the app this way: "We are creating content and services that enhance the consumers' experience with our products. The LeBron app is the first of its kind that allows him to connect with his fans in a unique way, and gives our Galaxy owners an exclusive, insider's view into his world."

The app covers every aspect of Lebron with photos and videos or workouts, his game preparation routine, post game remarks, live scores from the Heat's playoff games, his style, a 'sneaker of the day', on and off court outfits, preferred radio channels, favorite songs, charity work, and home life with his wife and children. 

That is certainly a unique experience for an app and fans/users seem to be taking to it well. It has a glowing 4.9 out of 5 star rating, so it seems Lebron is also well designed and no glitches will affect the Lebron James mobile performance. 

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