Leaked Video Shows the Samsung Galaxy S5, 'Rough and Tumble' Model

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Initial rumors of a version of the Samsung Galaxy S5 that would able to handle rough conditions seemed completely unwarranted, but now, we have the best confirmation possible: A leaked video of the device, enabled for AT&T. 

The rugged S5 shares many of the same features as the S4 Active, down to the same navigation keys. The new model is a step up as far as camera quality and processing. The camera is the same as the regular S5, 16 megapixels, and it boasts the faster Snapdragon 801 processor. The Active models are slightly heavier, but fully-sealed, versions of their namesake phones that offer protection from excess dust and can even be used underwater.

While the new video confirms that there definitely will be an S5 version of the S4 Active, there is still debate as to the actual design and dimensions of the screen. TK Tech News, who broke the story, believes the new device has a "greater-than-1080p screen", where as Engadget believes it is the normal 1080p panel. The Wire is siding with Engadget on this one, as it would be unusual for the Active model to boast a better screen than the standard model on which it is based. 

Check out the leaked video: 

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