Google Play Now Accepts PayPal (Through Your Google Wallet)

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Google Play is making payments easier and more accessible. They are now offering PayPal purchases in twelve countries, including the U.S. and Canada. Ibrahim Elbouchikhi, Google Play Product Manager, said in a blog post that two-thirds of Google Play purchases occur outside the U.S., so the integration of PayPal will make international payments more seamless for those customers.

The integration appears in Google Wallet. When making a purchase in Google Play, PayPal will show as an option in Google Wallet. By signing in, the accounts will be linked and purchases can be made right away. Elbouchikhi said he hopes this will "provide users with a frictionless payment experience."

Google Play also expanded their gift card program to thirteen countries, adding Japan and Germany. 

They are also allowing developers based in thirteen countries to now sell apps on Google Play. The countries added included Indonesia, Malaysia and Turkey, with 45 countries supported in total. Google Play processes, reconciles, and makes deposits for payments on behalf of developers. With the added push of PayPal, Google is looking to onboard more apps from more countries around the world, building a more international client base. 

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