Google Offers Glass to the Public (of Rich Golf Fans)

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Google Glass is already pushing itself as way to help people — doctors, sandwich makers — in the workplace, but what if your workplace is a golf course? This past weekend, Google treated golfers and fans at The Players' Championship Sawgrass at Ponte Vedra to a hospitality pop-up shop where they could test out and purchase the $1,500 computer spectacles. Despite being "launched" last year, Glass has only been available to purchase on a very limited basis.

Set up in the Welcome Experience area, Glass was there to help golfers work on their "drives, short game and suntans." Here's how the Google Glass set-up looked:

The Players Championship has a $10,000,000 purse and weekend ground tickets were $150. (That is just ground tickets; it cost you closer to $500 to come near the clubhouse.) Golfers are also notorious for their ability to spend ludicrous amounts of money on any gadget or gizmo that might give them even the slightest edge on the course, so it seems Google really hit their target market this weekend: people with a lot of money to burn who would actually use their product. Apparently, Google sold at least a couple pairs of their $1,500 product:

Based on the successful of this pop up, we can expect to see Glass coming to more ultra-lux sporting events. Polo Glass Classic, anyone? 

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