Google Maps Integrates Uber Into Its Directions

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Google Maps has updated their iOS and Android apps, but one interesting new wrinkle is the prominent placement of a certain car service that may or may not charge you arm and a leg to get you home on New Year's Eve.

Yes, one of the new features is the integration of Uber directly into the travel directions options. If you have the Uber app installed and are in an Uber serviced location, the app offers the estimated time of travel using the black car service. You can open the Uber app right from there and place your order. Then you can show your handy map to the driver to tell you where to take you.

Uber is a Google Ventures company and while Google "always maintains its venture arm operates independently from the rest of the organization," it certainly is a mutually beneficial deal. It prioritizes Uber over other car service competitors, like Gett, Hailo and Lyft, and over regular yellow cabs as well. A win-win for both companies. 

Other features for the Google Maps update include lane guidance (for tricky highway exits); saving maps to use while offline; browsing for hours, ratings and prices of restaurants, bars and hotels; and saving locations through 'place cards' that can be revisited later. 

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