Google Glass Is Now On Sale to Anyone

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Google Glass is now available to the public or at least the public that has $1,500 to spend on the contraption and can find the item in stock. Google released the information (on their Google Plus page, of course) by saying that they have "decided to move to a more open beta," meaning their Glass Explorer program is no longer invite-only. 

They will continue to look into customer feedback and experiences in order to improve the product. Sales will continue for as long as they have the product on hand, so it could sell out at any time. 

On the sales website, you first select your color:

Then, you get a free accessory, either allowing the frames to be fitted for prescription lens or sunglasses:

You can also add other accessories, though they are rather pricy for their functionality. ($50 for a pouch?) 

After that, just agree to their terms and pay. Your payment has to be made through Google Wallet (of course), so you will have to set up a wallet if you don't already have one:

Wait for delivery, put Glass on your face, and enjoy your time as a GlassHole.  

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