Google Definitely in the Home Security Game as They Eye a Dropcam Acquisition

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Google really wants to hang out at home with you. First, they acquire Nest Labs, now they are eyeing Dropcam. Dropcam is a video monitoring service. It's a great and very easy to use home security system. They also make 'Tabs', which is a small wireless motion sensor you can put on doors, windows and valuables to keep, well, tabs, on those areas. 

Dropcam Tabs.

It looks like the acquisition was actually suggested by Nest, and they would be responsible for the purchase. Dropcam definitely fits into Google's family of products: easy to use, easy to install, smarter than the alternatives, and very profitable.

Dropcam has raised $50 million in the last five years. Their Wi-Fi enabled security cameras and streaming technology could potentially mesh seamlessly with Nest, or the two products could be sold as a package. We'd like to see an app that could monitor both Nest and Dropcam all in one. Of course, its possible Google could just acquire Dropcam and let it keep doing its thing.

Apple is also looking to get into the home goods world, but it looks like Google is already almost two steps ahead of them. 

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