Facebook Wants You To Get Answers from Your Friends About Their Love Lives

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Remember the good old days when you actually had to speak to your crush to find out if they were seeing somebody? Neither do we, and that's why sexting, Tinder and kissy face emojis are doing so well. In a world of digital flirtation, Facebook is taking the next step to make sure you never actually have to see the object of your affection in real life. 

Facebook has just introduced the "Ask" feature to the Relationship section of a user's "About Me" section. 

Here's your guide to making sure your e-lover is single (or just being really creepy):

"Ask" them if they are single:

After you press "Ask", you can enter a customized message (I recommend a haiku):

Now you wait patiently for a reply. 

The object of your affection will see this notification:

If they wish to reply, they can click on the notification to view their options:

Here, they have the option to make their Relationship Status public on their profile, or send it only to the user who asked. In typical Facebook fashion, you have to opt into the most private option. 

Depending on if they opt in or out, they can see this message:

The Conclusion:

The person requesting the info gets a notification. Depending on what the status is, you can take your relationship from there. Or, you know, you could actually talk to your friend like human beings used to do. 

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