Facebook Voter Button Returns to Provide Electoral Peer Pressure

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Back in November 2012, Facebook introduced the "I'm a Voter" button so users could show their friends they were participating in the election. Now, Facebook is planning on bringing the button to international elections, as well.

The Voter button was available in India during the recent election of the new prime minister, Narendra Modi. This was, of course, the world's largest ever democratic election and over four million Indian voters used Facebook's "I'm a Voter" button during the month-long voting process.

The button will next appear during the European Parliament and Colombia elections presidential election, which is coming up this weekend. Later this year, it will appear for South Korea, Indonesia, Sweden, Scotland, New Zealand and Brazil. It will also appear in the States again during the midterm elections in November. 

Andy Stone, Facebook spokesperson, said the feature works to influence friends: "There is a real social multiplier effect. When people see on Facebook that their friends have voted, they themselves are motivated to vote." The button does not, and will not, offer the feature to share who you voted for, only that you voted. 

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