Battle Between Lyft and Uber Rages On

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The war of the cab apps had another battle this week. Lyft, fed up with Uber trying to poach their drivers, parked a giant billboard outside of Uber's San Francisco office that reads "Be More Than a Number." It urges "Uber pilots to join Lyft’s merry band rather than be some expendable 'private driver'."

via TechCrunch.

Uber aggressively recruits drivers from both Lyft and Gett, and they have even been accused of ordering Gett cars then canceling them at the last minute to get drivers contact information and later reach out to them directly for recruitment. Uber also offers major cash bonuses for signing up. 

Uber also started the billboard fight, driving a mobile billboard around San Francisco urging Lyft drivers to "shave the 'stache." (The mustache is Lyft's signature display on their cars.) Uber also said Lyft pays in "donations" instead of "real fares."

Lyft's billboard also comes after Uber CEO Travis Kalanick suggested they will someday switch to Google's driverless cars to cut costs, because the driver ups the cost and is just "the other dude in the car." (He later backed off, admitting that's not happening any time soon.) Harsh words for the men and women actually operating this multi-billion dollar industry.

I, for one, will keep using Hailo. They seem to be staying out of trouble. 

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