The State Department's Blackberries Broke Yesterday, So They Had to Talk IRL

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Yesterday, for three hours, the State Department's e-mail system and Blackberries went down, which meant State officials actually had to find one another and talk at their faces. It was terrible. 

One State Department insider told the Washington Post that the outage "led to some awkward situations where people had to talk to each other face to face." We can imagine that some of those policy makers might not be too keen on emailing one another, let alone actually staring at one another in real life. 

While the outage did lead to some weirdness, it wasn't a national security issue. “At this point, we do not believe yesterday’s outage was due to any malicious activity and we are investigating the specific cause,” State Department spokesman Alec Gerlach said.

We have to wonder why the State Department hasn't upgraded their technology. They are basically the only people in America still using BlackBerry, and G-Chat is a great way to share information while also avoiding eye contact. 

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