Apple Getting Help from Chinese Authorities to Stop iPhone 6 Leaks

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Apple takes their product launches very seriously. When it comes to iPhone 6, which is expected to be announced soon, there have been a number of confirmed leaks, including photos and even operating system details that the company does not want out in public before an official release. Not surprisingly, Apple is fed up with all the leaks and have enlisted authorities in China — where the phones are manufactured — to put a stop to it.

Sonny Dickson, who has already published numerous leaks himself and has a number of anonymous sources within Apple, says that a major crackdown is taking place against those selling both real and fake Apple products:

Dickson later clarified on his blog that a huge, very public raid took place at a well-known electronics mall in China this week, as more than 120 officers rounded up smugglers and illegal re-sellers, and confiscated hundreds of Apple and Samsung products, both real and counterfeit. He speculates that Apple may have assisted in the raid, since they would have the ability to check serial numbers and activations, and obviously have an interest in see illegal sales shut down.

While the raid may not have specifically targeted iPhone 6 suppliers, it's a reminder of the lengths that Apple will go to, to protect the most anticipated phone launch of the year. With the Worldwide Developers Conference this upcoming week, hopefully many of the rumors can be confirmed or denied, and the watch dogs can be called off.

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