Apple Looks to Hire a Professional Buzz Manager. For More Buzz.

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Apple has never had trouble generating heat for his shiny new products, but apparently the company is suffering from a serious depletion of "buzz." Yesterday, the company posted this job listing, suggesting they want to add some oomph to their marketing presence.

The job is likely a reaction to the major buzz Samsung has created around their Galaxy devices. The most retweeted selfie of all time, Ellen DeGeneres and company at the Oscars, was taken on a Samsung Galaxy Note III. But it wasn't spontaneous. Samsung was a key Academy Award sponsor. The President Obama/David Ortiz selfie which led to selfies being banned from the White House (really) was taken on a Galaxy as well.

While Apple has always been willing to spend big bucks on traditional advertisements, they have claimed never to pay for product placement. When Steve Jobs was the tech world's biggest celebrity and their CEO, perhaps they didn't need to. That doesn't mean that a few "influencers" seen carrying an iPhone once in a while wouldn't hurt today. Once the Buzz Marketing Manager is hired, we can expect to see a mysterious increase in celeb selfies. 

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