Almost Half a Million Nest Smoke Alarms Recalled

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The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has recalled 440,000 Nest Protect smoke alarms. They were recalled because the "Wave" feature, which disables the alarm sound if a person waves at the device, could be falsely activated during an actual emergency.

This issue was first found out in April, when Nest made public that the Wave feature was not working as designed. At that time, Nest stopped sales of the device and offered refunds to those who had already purchased it. They also began updating existing Nest devices to disable Wave automatically. 

The official recall does not affect Nest's plan to bring the product back. The Google-owned company told TechCrunch, "nothing has changed since our initial announcement last month and in fact, we’ll be bringing Nest Protect back on the market in a few weeks.”

This is a slightly unusual recall, as the actual product does not need to be returned to resolve issue. It can be remedied through a software update, but the CPSC still files a formal recall for anything of this sort. Nest is offering both refunds and software updates at this time. 

The software update is automatic for devices set up through a Nest Account and connected to wi-fi. As for devices that aren't connected, Nest offered full instructions for updating on their website. You can also confirm that wi-fi enabled devices have experienced the update. 

As for the products affected by the recall, they still function as a smoke and carbon monoxide detector even when Wave is disabled. 

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