Adidas Will Print Your Terrible Instagram Pictures onto Their Sneakers

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Adidas is bringing Instagram to your feet, because what better way to show everyone what your lunch looked like than by displaying it on your toes? 

Adidas Originals just released a sneak peak of the new service (miadidas) via that will allow you to have your own Instagram photos printed directly on to your shoes. It will be coming this August via an iPhone and Android app.

From what we know thus far, Adidas offer the photo printing for Zxflux sneakers. The price point was not disclosed, though regular Zxflux retail for around $90. Even if they were to charge a major fee for the customization, the cost should remain under $200 a pair. Adidas says it will allow shoe lovers everywhere to "make a statement on your sneakers like never before." Sure, Adidas. Something like that. 

Check out the full promo here:


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