'Let's Get Social' Is Number One with a Bullet on the Social Media Charts

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The best song you will hear today is about takin' pictures of cats, kids and bacon. You didn't know, but you need this in your life.

Valleywag tipped us off to this wonderful ode to social media that was performed at the 2014 Social Media Marketing World convention last month. A young lady named Mary McCoy enlisted to fire up a group of online media marketers by singing a little ditty about the ways social media has invaded our lives completely. This is basically your aunt's Facebook wall put to song. Or the awkward finale at your summer computer camp talent show. 

There's also a breakdown so everyone in the audience can take out their phones and take a selfie. Amazingly, some comply with the man's orders instead of self-immolating. The rap that follows might be worse than any part of Rebecca Black's "Friday."

The song is a bit of chore to get through, to be honest. But the great irony, of course, is that this video is extremely successful on social media right now. It's definitely the best song on the Internet  to include both "engagement" and "news feed" in the lyrics.

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