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Domino's Pizza now allows hungry people to pay with Google Wallet when using their Android app, adding this new wrinkle to their plan to take over the digital world of pizza delivery. 

While the new app is convenient to Android owning pizza lovers (along with Domino's Real Time Food Tracker) it's also making a statement about their relationship with Google. Much like how Starbucks aligned with Square (or at least attempted to), Domino’s is teaming up with a major technology partner in order to promote their own mutual interests. Google even mentioned the collaboration in their own first quarter earnings call, no doubt hoping other retailers will take notice. Meanwhile, iTunes credit isn't going to get you pizza anytime soon.

While Google Wallet has been available since 2011, the company has been pushing the product hard in the last year. Last May, they began allowing users to send money as a Gmail attachment between Wallets. Unlike credit card providers, Square and PayPal, merchants are not charged for using Wallet—at least not yet. Google is also pushing the “Buy With Google” button, a direct rival of PayPal’s “Buy Now” button, and hoping that someday it will become just as ubiquitous on the web.

As if the new technology weren't convincing enough, they decide to add pizza chicken to the mix. For purchases of $10 or more made with Google Wallet, Domino’s will throw in their new fried chicken-pizza hybrid dish. Hopefully, next time they'll offer free Cinna Stix for anyone who pays with Bitcoin.

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