When a Man Is Tired of Wingsuit Videos, He Is Tired of Life ...

The world is big and interesting, chapter 438.

... as Samuel Johnson might have sayeth, if he had gotten a look at these things.

We've previously explored the wonders of wingsuit-flying in China and assorted sites in Europe (plus underwater). Now I give you Switzerland, via Epic TV* and our friends at AOPA:

And in case you missed the flying-and-diving video the first time around, here it is again.

Plus, for some terrifying/riveting wingsuit video. check out this.

I love flying airplanes but would never dare try one of these wingsuit stunts. I also never get tired of seeing them. They have a dream/nightmare quality that is immediately recognizable though hard to define.

* Tech note: Sometimes this video displays an annoying Epic TV banner announcement across its upper half through its whole duration. If that happens, try refreshing the page and viewing the video again. That seems to thwart it.