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Meet David Shing, the incongruously titled Digital Prophet for AOL. His appearance on MSNBC's The Cycle on Friday attracted quite a bit of attention online. What he said, less so!

We have more gadgets, as you may have noticed. And in introducing Shing, MSNBC's Touré explained his worldview: "Despite all that connectivity he's never felt so alone." Shing was there to talk wearable computers — and not just Google Glass, but computers embedded in your clothes and so on.

Today's wearables are kind of refined to — if I wear my wearables today, I'll look like a tribal leader. No kidding, man. ... [W]e will have biometrics materials inside our clothes. We'll have smart devices that talk back to us and they'll have built-in intelligence.

Shing writes for AOL using that title of Digital Prophet, talking about the future and such and I don't understand this look. I tried to talk around it and not mention it, and, look, I celebrate individuality and the right of everyone to be his own person, but why would you wear your hair like that? I am a lame dude who is actually wearing a tie as I write this, and I live in New York and you see these things, but if your goal is to explain the future of fashion as it relates to tech and you show up looking like a background character from Blade Runner, I don't know man, you might lose some people.

Plus: AOL? AOL still makes tens of millions of dollars on dial-up internet. AOL's digital prophet should probably start with, Well, there's this thing called "high-speed internet," and then slowly work up to more complex topics.

If you'd like to become a follower of AOL's digital prophet, you can join his other 7,700 followers on Twitter.

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