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Now, from the world of medical news: Fox News profiled a Reddit user who learned he had testicular cancer after checking out a picture a Reddit user named "uniballer" posted of his own testicle on Reddit. Wow, the internet is pretty great.

Fox News apparently has a segment called "Fox on Reddit," in which it covers news from the Reddit world. (If you are not familar, Reddit is a social bookmarking site that has a reputation for being a bit nerdy. Also a bit guy-heavy.) On this episode, Taylor Tyree is interviewed. Here's the segment, which the official Reddit Twitter account tweeted, given that it is titled "Reddit saved this man's life."

The post that I saw was probably about a week ago. It was from a user called "uniballer." … It was a picture of, like, his right testicle. And I was like, that's cool.

Sure is.

Here is the guy's testicle!
He was talking about his symptoms and what not. And then it was like, wait, I have something similar to this. … I got a screening, got an ultrasound. They found a mass taking over my left testicle. … So I got my left testicle taken out.

"All within a week!" the Fox News host marvels.

Tyree had been noticing symptoms — which, again, was a mass spreading in his testicle — for about four months, but it wasn't until "uniballer" posted on r/WTF that he understood that this was something he should talk to a doctor about. Reddit saves lives! Tyree said he hasn't been asked any questions about his ordeal but he has "met a lot of Reddit users now that are also uniballers."

"I don't do sports," Tyree said, "so I never had to get a physical." Others should do so annually, Tyree recommends. He and uniballer, he indicated, are now friends.

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