Facebook's 'Gmail Killer' Is Shutting Down Because No One Used it

And yet Google+ lives on.

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Remember when Facebook gave you a Facebook email address and made it your default contact unless you requested otherwise? And some people said it would be a Gmail killer, like how people said Google+ would be a Facebook killer? Looks like things went about as well for Facebook email as they did for Google+, because Facebook is shutting down its email due to disuse.

According to a Facebook spokesperson (via the BBC): "We're making this change because most people haven't been using their Facebook email address." Sometime in "early March," all three emails to Facebook.com addresses will be forwarded to the email account the user put down when he signed up for the site.

As The Verge pointed out, this also means that you can send an email to someone's real address simply by sending it to his Facebook.com address, because it will forward it along. So if you'd rather not get those emails, be sure to turn the forwarding service off. I'd tell you how to do it but I honestly have no idea how to even access my Facebook email.

Of course, Facebook may have bowed out of the whole email thing but it's still very interested in taking over our communication platforms -- it just acquired WhatsApp for a cool $16 billion.

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