Man Tweets While Trapped During New York Apartment Fire

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On Sunday morning, firefighters battled a three-alarm fire in Manhattan that left at least one man, with his wife and child, stranded many floors above. He tweeted his experience. 

Gothamist reports the three-alarm fire in the West 43rd Street building, between 10th and 11th Avenues, started around 11 a.m. Sunday morning. Over 100 firefighters were on the scene and expecting injuries from the blaze, according to ABC7

A building on fire is a terrifying experience no matter what floor you're on. From high up in his Manhattan apartment building, Mickey Atwal documented his struggle to find safety in his Hell's Kitchen apartment, on Twitter, while a fire roared below him. He was stuck on the 26th floor with his wife and two-year-old child. 

Thankfully it seems that firefighters are now on the scene, and that Atwal and his family are safe:

Which is wonderful news considering how scary the pictures and videos of the blaze are that circulated on social media:


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