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Ever since their introduction, Google Glass fans have wrestled with a tough decision: Miss out on the hottest new wearable technology... or wear it and look like a giant nerd. With four new, more stylish frames just unveiled this week, Google has solved the problem. (Sorta.) The tech giant announced on Tuesday that they were making four new frames — Bold, Curve, Thin, and Split — which are part of a titanium line that goes for $225 a piece. And they might even be covered by your insurance.

Here's a look at Bold:


Curve kinda looks like it'd be for someone who wants to look like a cybernetic Zooey Deschanel:


Thin could pass for low-end Warby Parkers:


And Split kinda looks like it belongs in the Ray Ban family


The one thing to remember here, as with any kind of eye-wear is that the people in these photos are models. This is going to be the least dorky and most handsome that Google Glass is going to look. When you put your regular, non-model face behind those frames, you have to realize you might look a little less appealing. 

The good news is that you might actually be able to see better. In a big move for the near-sighted , Google is partnering with VSP, the nation's biggest vision insurance company to provide prescription lenses and subsidized frames to go with your new Glass. Stylish and sensible.


But until these frames are worn by regular faces, it's unclear whether or not they will solve the perpetual dilemma facing Google Glass: not even celebrities make it look cool. 

With the styles are still somewhat limited, these frames could represent a future of different varieties of Google Glass frames. In addition to those frames, there are also three different pairs of sunglasses designed by Maui Gym (right). Everyone looks cool in sunglasses, right?

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