Apple Is Building Another Facility in Arizona

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Arizona governor Jan Brewer announced on Monday that Apple is expected to bring more than 2,000 jobs to the state when it opens up a new facility in Mesa in the near future. The facility is expected to create about 700 manufacturing jobs and 1,300 construction jobs.

The company is partnering with GT Advanced Technologies, a mineral company that supplies components for consumer electronics, to supply some of the equipment for the facility. The partnership makes sense, since Apple has increased their usage of sapphire to make camera lens covers and fingerprint readers, among other uses. 

A company spokesperson also said that the facility will run on renewable energy from its inception.

The tech giant has made it a focus over the past couple of years to bring more job opportunities stateside. It recently opened up an east coast repair facility and began assembling some of its computers in the U.S. as well.

That effort to bring manufacturing stateside seemingly flies in the face of Steve Jobs's business strategy, which kept costs low by keeping manufacturing overseas with companies like the controversial Foxconn. At one point during a meeting with Barack Obama, the president asked jobs why more manufacturing jobs couldn't be brought to the U.S. Jobs reportedly told the President, "Those jobs aren't coming back." Now, it appears that some of them might be.

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