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An Australian textbook company has announced that it will deliver textbooks by drone. This advancement in technology got us to thinking of all the wonderful things (that aren't textbooks) we'd like to see delivered to us by drone.

For some reason or another, in this age of Amazon shipping and instant downloads on Kindles and iPads, an Australian textbook company has paired with a drone startup and have jointly announced that it would deliver books via flying contraption. "The two companies feel the service will … erm … fly because posting books takes too long. By undercutting the postal service on time and price, they think they're on a winner," The Register reports. Good for them and their fighting spirit. 

But, really, this once again opens up that discussion and sparks our imagination other things drones could be used for — things that you can't get instantly like a book and things that, for some reason or another, are a pain to purchase. Here's a preliminary list:

  • Alcohol — it's sorta heavy, and kind of a pain for people to carry home when they don't have cars. Sometimes, you run out during a party (a bad party). A quick drone flight from the store to replenish the supplies would be a good and handy thing to have. This also applies to soda, seltzer, and other liquids too. 
  • Flowers — sometimes flowers get redundant. Sometimes the flowers Proflowers and those Internet flower companies promise you don't really look like what they deliver. One way to spice this up would be to send flowers through drones. By the time your loved one gets the flowers from the little flying machines, they might even care what they look like.
  • Marijuana — we don't condone illegal marijuana use. But think of the potential impact this would have on stop and frisk policies along with the elimination of awkward dealer transactions. 
  • Clothes — because we don't want to drive to the mall. 
  • Food — because it's the eventual evolution after Seamless. Why not cut out all interaction with humans when ordering food?
  • Embarrassing grocery/pharmacy purchases —  Imagine never having to buy a pregnancy test, condoms, tampons, or laxatives from a 18-24 year old who hates his job. Imagine never having to stand in line and hiding those things under toilet paper. This could be a reality — okay, okay, thanks to it almost is. 
  • Not Missiles. 

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