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Speaking with Michael Arrington at TechCrunch's annual Disrupt conference—which has already attracted its fair share of attention—on Wednesday, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg touched on everything from the National Security Agency's massive surveillance apparatus to logo design to IPOs.

Zuckerberg commented on the recent NSA/PRISM controversy, in which Facebook was purported to be complicit, framing it as a PR blunder. He said, "Frankly, I think that the government blew it. They blew it on communicating the balance of what they were going for with this." Facebook's own communication issues notwithstanding, of course.

With rumblings of a Twitter IPO in the works, Zuckerberg was asked if he had any advice to offer, to which he self-deprecatingly replied, "that's funny on its surface because I'm kinda like the least—the person you'd want to ask last about how to make a smooth IPO."

Zuckerberg also came out with some very strong opinions about the most important recent Yahoo advancement, their new logo. He told Arrington that it "seems fine." Whoa there, Mark, reign it in a little bit.

The full video can be seen over a TechCrunch.

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