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Yahoo, the Internet behemoth recently roused from its slumber by new CEO Marissa Mayer, introduced a new logo at midnight on Thursday, the culmination of a 30-day campaign in which the company rolled out a new, rejected logo each day until it revealed off the above redesign. In a lengthy blog post announcing the new logo—which was conceived with the input of at least five people—Mayer walks through the design philosophy. "On a personal level, I love brands, logos, color, design, and, most of all, Adobe Illustrator," she writes.

Here's a minute-long walkthrough of every tiny detail of the logo—which, as a reminder, consists of five letters and a punctuation mark—set to Empire of the Sun's "Alive":

So, congratulations to Yahoo's newest logo, which currently does not offer any service or functionality other than looking more out of place on a child's lunchbox than the last logo did. That's maybe a step in the right direction?

The redesigned logo gimmick isn't at-all new—it's how Google manages to get even a passing mention every few days—but it's another sign of Yahoo cribbing tactics from others or, as in the case of the $1 billion Tumblr purchase, simply buying a larger, younger user base and a slightly elevated rep as a company perpetually on the verge of reinvention.

There are some, such as Om Malik, however, who might disagree. While discussion of Yahoo has increased noticeably since Mayer's hire, use of its services has not necessarily followed suit.

The logo is animated on the company's homepage.

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