Sorry Guys, but Samsung Already Had a Gold Phone First

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Everyone is making fun of Samsung this morning for blatantly copying Apple's winning strategy — releasing a gold Galaxy S IV right after Apple released and then quickly sold out of its gold iPhone 5S — when really it was Apple that copied Samsung. Samsung released a gold smartphone way back in August, weeks before the heavily rumored gold iPhone 5S release. The Galaxy Golden, a hybrid flip phone-smartphone concoction, even has "gold" in the name to remind you of its sheen, which is a bit hard to see in the Samsung picture at right.

So, to be clear, just because Samsung released a gold plated version of its direct iPhone competitor (pictured below), the Samsung Galaxy S IV, Apple is the copycat here. But, really, what does it matter who had the brilliant idea of releasing a phone in a certain color? Customers don't: Apple's gold phone is reportedly selling like actual gold. 

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