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Because people can't seem to stop being awful, someone went and created a parody Twitter account for Anne Frank. And saying how mad it makes us is the first thing we shouldn't do. As of right now, there are only 49 people who follow that account — a meager number, to be sure — yet there's already an article about it in The Forward. That article has been syndicated by the major Israeli paper Haaretz. More outrage will surely come.

"I fear that this kind of tasteless misappropriation of Anne Frank’s memory and legacy, and that of other historical personalities, will only increase now that people can hide behind Twitter handles," writes Renee Ghert-Zand. Yes, true, but people have proven time after time that they will continue to be jerks on Twitter as long as the platform exists. And Ghert-Zand has every right to be upset with the Frank account, which tweets jokes about concentration camps and hiding from Nazis. But you have to wonder whether our collective outrage actually backfires by encouraging such pranks.

Thankfully, the account barely has any followers. It wasn't until Ghert-Zand's article that I even knew about it. Clearly it's on the sad D-list of parody accounts (nowhere near the level of Hipster Hitler). Maybe it will just go away. Pray that it will just go away. 

Further, it makes you question how the media — include this site — should tackle social media idiocy. How is Hipster Anne Frank different than the racist idiots who crapped on Miss America after the first Indian-American woman won? Or the kids who called President Obama the n-word? At what point do you decide that one idiot is worth a 500-word column but another isn't? At what point do you hold back your outrage?

Those are all open questions. The stupidity of whoever created "Hipster Anne Frank" is not.

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