Blurred Lines: Is Twitter's Much-Hated Conversation Mode Already Dead?

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After a lot of complaining about Twitter's new conversation mode, it has started to disappear, either by accident or by Twitter's design. As of last week, the platform launched a new way to view discussions between tweeters that looked like this, with blue lines connecting streams of tweets between people:

Today, however, that blue line is missing for some users, as first noticed by TechCrunch's Ingrid Lunden. And, indeed, on my Twitter feed the conversations have reverted back to the old look, sans blue line:

This could just indicate some early feature bugs. Twitter could be working out the technical kinks. There's at least one staffer at The Atlantic Wire who still sees lines in his Twitter app. 

Or, another possible explanation is that Twitter's testing lots of versions of the idea, which, after so much Internet hatred would make some sense. Another Wire writer saw red, instead of blue, lines in her feed, suggesting that there's some intentional tinkering going on at Twitter HQ:

We've reached out to Twitter for clarification. But, even if the network has decided to pull back its brand new project, a total reversion back to the old mode doesn't look likely. Twitter, with an IPO impending, is going to do whatever it can to attract new users, keep the current users on the site, and appeal to brands who, ultimately, will be the ones who decide whether Twitter can make money. 

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