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Now that the most adventurous iPhone owners have upgraded their software to the new, flat iOS 7, the software's initial kinks have started to show. First impressions of the new mobile operating system have techies generally impressed, despite minor panic after the beta developer version debuted in the beginning of the summer. After playing around with it for a few minutes this morning, it felt snappy and wonderful. But not everything is perfect. Here are some common complaints about the new software and some possible fixes:

Problem: Battery Life. iOS upgrades often lead to battery life issues for certain users and this version is no different. Along with the bunches of people who reported battery drain with the upgrade, Ars Technica's tests on its own devices found that all of its devices were "negatively impacted by the iOS 6 to iOS 7 transition." The iPhone 5 dropped from 661 minutes battery life on iOS 6 to 444 minutes with iOS7. Lifehacker said the drain was particularly bad on the iPad, which seems to be having the most problems with the new operating system.  

Fix: iMore has a rundown of habitual changes you can make to increase battery life, like using your phone less, plugging in more, and turning off any thing that might drain the battery. The "App Background Refresh" feature, which keeps apps running and refreshing in the background, is also a huge suck, according to LifeHacker. To turn that off, head to: Settings > General >Background App Refresh and toggle the setting to off.


Problem: Mail Issues. Both Gmail and Mailbox users have complained that the new iOS reset their inboxes. 

Gmail users are complaining on Apple forums that the mail count isn't accurate.

Fix: Mailbox says that restarting the phone should fix the issue:

There's no fix for Gmail. Some users found that just marking mail as "all read" did the trick. 

Problem: The Icons Make No Sense. That picture to the right is what you see when swiping up to the Control Center that all the reviewers love so much. After thinking about it for a bit, those icons can make sense. But they're not immediately obvious. The icons kind of stink all over the place, as one New York Times developer noted on Twitter:

Fix: Learn the Icons. You can either sit around waiting for Apple to send out an update to this iOS with better icons, or learn what they all mean and get used to it. 

Problem: Sync Issues. Many users report that the upgrade isn't working at all, seeing an error screen that the update could not complete. 

Fix: This happens during every single iOS upgrade debut: Because of high demand for the upgrade, the servers overloaded. The only way to fix this is to wait. 

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