Be Careful What You Tweet Before Boarding an EasyJet Flight

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Today's Travel Lesson: Don't tweet mean things about easyJet just before boarding an easyJet flight. Passenger Mark Leiser learned that the hard(ish) way, after tweeting the following while waiting for his flight:

After filing that complaint on a very public social media platform, Leiser alleges that "Manager from easyjet just said I couldnt board flight because I criticised @easyJet on twitter before boarding the flight," he added on that same public platform. As one of those budget airlines that charges for everything but using the bathroom, it's not that surprising that easyJet doesn't have the most forgiving customer service. 

The airline, however, claims that "easyJet has never denied boarding due to comments on social media. On the rare occasion that we consider denying boarding it is on the basis of disruptive behaviour," a spokesperson told The Atlantic Wire. Leiser eventually boarded his flight and easyJet alleges "staff were not monitoring the passenger’s tweets and did not deny boarding."

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That more polished response does not quite match the immediate response from easyJet's twitter handle, which tweeted at Leiser:

The easyJet spokesperson admits that there was an "altercation at the gate," but wouldn't elaborate beyond that. Leiser claims the manager said the following to him. "You're a lawyer. You know u can't tweet stuff like that and expect to get on an @easyJet flight." That doesn't sound like legally binding advice.

Anyway, the best part about all of this — besides the part where easyJet almost kicked a man off a flight because of his tweets — is that Leiser's a Ph.D. student specializing in cyber law:

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