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We know when we're going to get a new iPhone from Apple now, but we don't know which iPhone they're going to show us. Who knows, there could be two or three different new iPhones. AllThingD's Kara Swisher reports Apple will unveil its latest iPhone update on September 10 at a yet-to-be-announced special event. But how many new iPhones we'll see unveiled is the real mystery here. There are two obvious potential reveals: a faster, sleeker iPhone 5 and a cheaper alternative. 

Everyone is expecting Apple CEO Tim Cook to come out and give us a shinier version of the current iPhone. But rumors have persisted for months now that we're finally going to also get a cheap, affordable iPhone this fall. Whether or not that phone is coming is still a mystery, but the recent uptick in cheap iPhone leaks and rumors are probably a good indication it will finally reveal itself. 

The other thing to watch for is Cook announcing an increase in screen size. iPhone users have clamoured for larger screens to combat their insecurities when sidled next to Samsung phones. The different in screen size has bothered Apple fanboys for a while now. It's one of the most obvious ways Apple phones don't measure up to their counterparts. But things may finally be equal on a purely metric level. God knows they're an overly smug crowd to begin with. It'll only get worse now. 

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