Tech Commercials Really Are All Exactly the Same: A Review

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College Humor's "Every Tech Commercial" clip out today is funny because commercials for gadgets really are all incredibly similar, per a review from The Atlantic Wire. In the style of said predictable ads, the College Humor video notes similarities that often pop-up in commercials for gadgets, like: minimal diversity, fast editing, children, and glockenspiel. Here's the clip in its full glory for those who want a complete rundown:

Looking through some popular tech commercials indeed confirms they have some undeniable style parities. 

Adorable Children Delighted by Gadgets

Waking up in a onesie is more fun with the iPhone 5:

Playing in the park with Google Glass:

Camping with dad and the Nexus 7:

Babies really love Chromecast:

FaceTime: So easy, smiling children can use it:

A Single Instrument Playing Soft Notes 

In addition to indie music featuring glockenspiel and accordion, as featured in the College Humor video and this Google Glass promo, tech commercials love to have a single unassuming instrument pluck a few notes throughout the video. Both Samsung and Windows favor the strings, as heard in this Galaxy SIV commercial, this Galaxy Zoom commercial, again in this Samsung Galaxy SIV fanboy commercial, and in this Windows Lumia phone commercial. Apple likes the piano and its relatives, having it clink through all three of its iPhone 5 ads.

Men with Beards and Glasses

The Everyday (app) for iPhone Man:

The Samsung Galaxy S III Man:

The iPhone 5 Man:

The Windows Phone Men:

You get the idea: "hip" guys.

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