Google Glass Designer Gives the Spectacles a Stylish New Update

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In the quest to make Google Glass look a bit more fashionable, the lead industrial designer for Google Glass has created the most best-looking version of the glasses yet. In designs posted to her Google+ page at the end of July, Olsson showcases horn-rimmed frames in both sunglass and normal spectacle versions; as seen above and at right, they don't look nearly as dorky as the original wire frames. The screen — Glass's biggest impediment to appearing normal — blends in well with the lenses. The frames themselves resemble those sold at Warby Parker — the hip eyewear company Google partnered with in February. 

To be sure, Glass still looks like a gadget and it doesn't hurt that the very attractive model — Amanda Rosenberg, the Google employee allegedly involved in a love triangle with Google co-founder Sergey Brin — helps the design look like something a style-conscious person might wear. But Olsson's frames are far lot better looking than her company's current wire-framed version — even when featured in the new issue of Vogue, the frames make models look like cyborgs.

Olsson has the task of making Glass aesthetically appealing, and has been tinkering with designs since Diane Von Furstenberg decided to use them on the runway during a fashion show last year. The latest tortoise shell frames are by far the most promising. Unlike Olsson's other attempts, like these sunglasses posted to her Google+ page in March, the screen in the latest iteration doesn't attract all of the attention, which seems to be the key to normalcy: 

In short, the more Glass looks like a pair of regular spectacles, the better. This, via Romanesko, is what not to do:

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