8% of Brits Have Taken a Creepshot

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Smile! According to a poll by Nokia, one in twelve adults in the United Kingdom admits to have taken a picture of an attractive stranger without that stranger's knowledge. "More than eight per cent of UK adults have photographed attractive strangers on public transport, in the park, in a coffee shop and even in the doctor's surgery," reports The Independent's Rob Williams. And the number could even be greater considering that people might be hesitant to admit taking creepshots. 

Nokia also surveyed people about their smartphone habits, such as taking selfies (11 percent of people do) and deleting photos of your exes off your phone (90 percent people know this is the best thing to do). But the most trenchant finding is that a little over eight percent of adults in the U.K. are taking creepshots. That's just gross.

What Nokia didn't discover was what happens to these photos after they are surreptitiously snapped. Do they end up on Instagram? How many of them travel to CreepShots? Do any of them make it to the dangerous rabbithole that is Tap That Guy? Are they part of some giant Catfish scheme?  Well, that's sort of the creepy part of all of this, right? These creepy photos are free to travel the world in all their creepiness.

Now, are people in the U.K. creepier than the rest of us? Maybe? Sorta? Probably not. After all, the U.S. has its share of creeptastic sites, like Girls in Yoga Pants, to name just one. We are all guilty, it turns out, of being kinda creepy. 

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