What Happens When Kevin Rose Goes Head-to-Head with a Raccoon

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A fight broke out in the wee hours of Saturday morning that involved a Google partner hurling his combatant down a flight of stairs. And while this seems like a sordid tale worthy of an item in a gossip column, it's not. Because the combatant thrown down the flight of stairs was a raccoon. 

It's a classic Saturday night story of a man defending his best friend who got into a fight. We've all been there, right? Well, Google Ventures partner and Digg founder Kevin Rose found himself intervening on behalf of his dog, Toaster, in a back-and-forth tilt with a raccoon around 1 a.m. on Saturday. Rose could hear Toaster "crying and yelping in pain" so he decided to see what was happening outside. The following video captures the end of the fight:

So, um, that happened. And it was the best raccoon-tossing video ever, obviously. A quick recap: Rose picks up the raccoon and hurls that thing down a flight of stairs with no hesitation for his own well being. Raccoons are dirty, vile creatures. Few would have the courage and, frankly, the stones to act the way Rose did. Toaster is OK, though the Internet was urging Rose to get him checked for rabies after his squabble with the raccoon. 

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A video like this naturally became an overnight internet sensation after people started discovering it Saturday evening. The video caught fire on Reddit, obviously. And it captured the hearts of tech and non-tech people alike last night: 

The fate of the raccoon remains unknown. We don't know what happened to the tossed 'coon after Rose followed it down the stairs at the end of the video. It could have survived and walked away or, well, met a more untimely demise. But it will live forever in this GIF: 

And in this parody Twitter account: 

Bonus points for using an avatar from The Raccoons

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