The Secrets of Candy Crush Revealed

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For you losers still playing last month's game of the moment, Candy Crush Saga, the "games guru" behind the summer time-wasting-sensation has revealed some important game-winning secrets. In a chat with Valleywag's Nitasha Tiku, Tommy Palm dished some details about the inner workings of the addictive mobile game. So, listen up addicts, here's how to win: 

The three shining candies isn't necessarily the best move. During game-play sometimes the game will reveal a move by flashing candies that go together. That's not necessarily the best move, just a possible move, says Palm. "There is not evil man behind that either, it's just prompting randomly: what is a move so you won't get stuck completely," he assured Tiku. "It's important that people don't get stuck and frustrated if there is a move and they don't see it." 

You don't need to buy anything to win the game. Seventy percent of the people who have reached level 365 have not spent a single cent on the game. Of course that number doesn't include people who haven't reached level 365 yet. There could also be like, 20 people who have reached the end of the saga. But still, it's encouraging!

But if you do buy something, buy the paintbrush. "I personally bought the paintbrush power-up and I have a lot of use for it, so I'm happy that I did," says Palm. Players can use this $40 charm (!) to paint stripes on any candy. The brush also lets people dictate which way the candies explode—vertically or horizontally. Of course, Palm could be recommending this particular charm because it costs a lot of money. 

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And, no, the game won't get harder if you buy things. Palm handily discounts that theory floated on Gamasutra. "That was somebody speculating on Gamasutra. There is no evil scheme behind it."

But, the last level of each episode is the hardest level. And level 65 is one of the hardest. So, just mentally prepare yourself. 

Take your time. "Most of the levels are not timed and you have a little number of moves," Palm points out.

Don't name your child Saga. That's what Palm did. Though, he claims it has nothing to do with the game. "No, it was a coincidence," he insists. Suuuuure. You might not be able to see it now, steeped deep inside a Candy Crush addiction, but it's a really bad name for a child. 

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