Instagram Wants to Teach Politicians How to Instagram

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Instagram thinks politicians don't know how to use Instagram, so they're sending someone to D.C. to teach them. Facebook, which owns the app, posted a job description for "an experienced leader to manage and execute relationships with governments, politicians and political influencers on how to best use Instagram." The person hired would work as a liaison between the company and "political public figures and their teams, focusing on connecting influencers to the global community in innovative ways." Possible topics to cover may include proper hash tagging and which filters work best for photos of Capitol Hill. 

This isn't the first time a social media site has made a big push in D.C. Both Twitter and Facebook have people on the ground outreaching to the nation's leaders. And with the 2014 midterm elections coming up, members of Congress could use some help sharing endearing selfies with their constituents. 

How do politicians use Instagram now? Surprisingly, a lot like the rest of us. Whereas Twitter and Facebook pages are used for promoting ideas and agendas, Instagram is more personal.

Speaker John Boehner joined last November and while most of his pictures consist of him meeting with important people in suits, there are a few personal photos. Here's an adorable photo of Boehner (left) with his older brother Bob: 

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Mayor Cory Booker, has over 27,000 followers, which is a lot for a politician. Still, he's like that health nut friend who started working out and posting pictures of kale salads. He has a hashtag devoted to him running (#RunWithCory) and he even remembers to pose with kids: 

Chris Christie's Social Media person should get a raise. Even though he only has 18 photos, they're all stellar and any one of them could go viral. Christie's well versed in the art of the throwback pic—he's also the person you follow who always tries way too hard to get the perfect profile photo: 

House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy might have one of the least political profiles of this bunch. A good chunk of his photos are of his family and dog. He's like your friend's dad, who sometimes posts photos from back in the day just to remind you he and his wife were hot once:

Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren is a little too serious when it comes to using Instagram as a promotion tool. It's all political rallies this, meeting with my constituents that. Then there are some pretty wonderful pictures of Oliver:

Rahm Emmanuel, Chicago's hip thrusting mayor, also mainly posts photos from work, but he makes being a politician seem much cooler. He bumps shoulders with celebrities, chills with the president and has the best photo-ops with kids:

And John McCain posts way too many photos of his family vacations:

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