Google Interns Are Partying, and Their Neighbors Aren't Happy About It

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We already know that Google interns make more than us--summer interns pull in $6,000 a month on average. And what do 20-year-old techies do when they've got money to blow? Drink beer and monopolize the hot tubs in their company-sponsored apartments, apparently.

Daily Intelligencer reported today that Google's Silicon Valley interns have been causing a ruckus at the Crescent Village apartment complex in San Jose, where possibly 400 of them are living in shared apartments paid for by Google. According to their disgruntled, non-Google intern neighbors, the Google hooligans (Googligans? ugh) have been throwing parties mid-week, taking over the complex's hot tubs, and "jaywalking." Jaywalking! Traffic laws mean nothing to youth these days.

Crescent Village building managers responded to complaints by posting flyers reminding tenants to "be considerate of your neighbors" and "keep voices to a minimum." Residents have noticed somewhat of a decrease in noise since. 

Perhaps the young Googlers are modeling their behavior after the Vince Vaughan/Owen Wilson comedy vehicle The Internship, where Google interns partake in a fair amount of partying. Or you know, they're just being college kids. 

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