WWDC: Look How Flat iOS 7 Is, and How Badass the New Macs Are, Too

In a huge pivot, Apple has forgone its cat-themed computer operating system for a distinctly California vibe — oh, yeah, and CEO Tim Cook unveiled a totally redesigned iPhone OS, a brand-new streaming radio app, and a whole lot more. Here's a quick rundown — sexy, Darth Vader-style MacBook Pro and iOS 7 GIF included.

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In a huge pivot, Apple has forgone its cat-themed computer operating system for a distinctly California vibe — oh, yeah, and CEO Tim Cook unveiled a totally redesigned iPhone OS, a brand-new streaming radio app, and a whole lot more. At today's Worldwide Developers Conference keynote opener, Cook and his team also debuted longer-lasting Macbook Airs and gave the world a sneak peek at one very tiny, Made-in-America Mac Pro with a whole lot of power. Here's a recap of everything Apple announced. Scroll down for full coverage, iOS 7 GIF included.

  • Say goodbye to Mountain Lion; say hello to OS X Mavericks. (It's a California surf town.) The new OS includes Safari updates, prettier Maps, and even the beginning of the end of so-called "skeumorphism," with a new Calendar app sans faux leather trim. All of the goodies are available to developers today, and for all the rest of you peons sometimes "this fall."
  • Flat iOS 7 is very flat. As expected, Apple released a totally redesigned version of its phone operating system.....

It's available to lucky developers in beta starting today, and to the rest of us — with the new Siri Voices, iTunes Radio (a version of Pandora, basically), a new camera app with photo filters, FaceTime voice calls (why did they keep "face" in the name then?), and automatic App Store updates — "this fall" as well.

  • Refreshed Macbook Airs and the Mac Pro (aka the little powerhouse that can). The Macbook Air lines got better battery life and are the only announcement available today to non-developer nerds. Apple also gave a first look at its first Mac Pro desktop update in a very long time. Look at the dorks surround this thing like a 2001: A Space Odyssey monolith. 

Scroll down for our full recap....

2:53 p.m.: iTunes Radio Is Here. The iPandora at least has Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, and Maroon Five, according to the song choices picked by Eddie Cue during the conference.

2:50 p.m: Senator John McCain got what he wanted: The app store now automatically updates apps. Maybe it's a consolation for participating in PRISM?

2:43 p.m.: SIRI HAS A NEW VOICE. Apple has updated its Siri to include "male" and "female" voice options. Did people make fun of Siri's voice? Why did Apple do this?

2:35 p.m.: iOS 7 moves.

2:31 p.m.: This Looks Like Yahoo Weather. Some subtle shots fired at the beloved Yahoo Weather app — the new iOS 7 weather app has a very similar look, minus those beautiful Flickr photos.

2:20 p.m.: iOS 7 Is Here and It's Flat. The developers are loving it, giving the corn-ball Johnny Ive video introducing the new phone software a standing ovation. As you can see in the screen shot at right, the app icons don't have the fake 3D look enhanced with a little faux shine. Just like on the new computer OS, the calendar no longer has leather binding and the gaming center no longer has felt.

2:15 p.m.: iOS, it's popular. Before introducing the inevitable hipster version of its new OS, Tim Cook would like to explain how much more popular iOS is than other mobile operating systems.

1:56 p.m.: SNEAK PEAK: A Made in America Mac Pro. Phil Schiller teases his 6,000 best friends (and anyone watching the livestream, aka the geeks of America and tech bloggers) with the upcoming Mac Pro available "later this year"— this circular shiny thing debuted in a very dramatic video:

"Can't innovate anymore, my ass," he says, after introducing a product that isn't even ready yet. It is very tiny, however:

And here's a rundown of the specs: 12 core Xeon processor from Intel. Its DDR RAM will run up to 1866MHz. It’s Flash storage will read at a rate of 1.25 GPBs

1:52 p.m.: All day battery for Macbook Air. As expected, Apple has refreshed its popular lightweight laptops. The biggest improvement: "all day battery life," which really means all work day. The 13-inch gets a whole 12 hours; the 11 inch gets 9. Unlike OS X, these are available today, right now.

1:46 p.m.: Maps looks pretty, finally. Lookie here, Apple has updated the flyover data getting rid of grotesque monuments for much prettier ones:

A more useful update, however, is that Apple has linked up the desktop and mobile versions of its maps. For those still using Apple Maps, you can send directions from your computer straight to your phone.

1:43 p.m.: The beginning of the end of skeuomorphism. The OSX calendar gives us a first peak into the end of those cheesy metaphors that don't make sense. "No virtual cows were killed," joked Federighi when introducing the new iCal, which no longer has the faux leather trim:

1:40 p.m.: Safari Updates. A new, updated version of Safari comes with the new OS. The coolest part, so far, is a battery saving feature that powers down open windows if the computer thinks you're no using them. In the demo Federighi showed the CPU of an open Safari window completely power down when he opened up iTunes.

1:23 p.m.: Mac OSX Mavericks. "We don't want to be the first software to be delayed by a dwindling number of cats," said Apple's Craig Federighi, before announcing the latest in the series of Mac operating systems: OS X Mavericks. After running out of fierce cats, Apple did not go with the adorable OS X Sea Lion as rumored, but has opted for California places, as an homage to its home state.

As for features, the new OS includes: Finder Tabs (the nerds cheered hard for this one), tagging features, and multiple display functionality.

1:15 p.m.: Robotics with iOS. Oh no, the first product right out of the gate and Apple experienced the dreaded demo fail. Anki Drive — an iOS controlled robotics technology, aka a game — remotely controls some race cars using an iOS app — or at least it's supposed to work like that. The demo guy had a little trouble getting his race-car to go. Though, after a couple seconds of horrifying silence, the cars went around the track as planned.

1:11 p.m.: Apple Has Stores!

So, after a very corny video about a new store in a historical Berlin theater, CEO Tim Cook is buttering all the developers up by telling them how much potential money that can make at Apple's digital store. So far, Apple has paid out $10 billion to developers (ie. the audience).

The dorks are seated and awaiting all the big announcements Apple is set to make at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference Monday afternoon. The rumormongers have prepared us for an iOS makeover, with the flatter, skinny jeans-wearing hipster version of iOS 7, plus that long awaited streaming music service, and maybe some new Macbooks. However, some trusted Apple bloggers say we have no real idea what Apple's got in store for us. So perhaps we have a more surprising presentation ahead. It all starts in just a few minutes.

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