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huge Guardian scoop Wednesday evening revealed confirmation of an indiscriminate phone records collection program, encompassing the calls of every Verizon customer on a daily basis — that's millions of Americans' phone data. And unsurprisingly, Twitter blew up with commentary just after the story broke. But not with outrage, with a jaded reaction that indicates the scoop basically confirms what a lot of people have suspected anyway. 

While others took the opportunity to note that their phone conversations (the content of which, to be clear, aren't being collected under the order, just the calls' metadata) are pretty boring, anyway:

This response is kind of becoming a meme under the #CallstheNSAKnowsAbout hashtag: 

Of course, there were plenty of strong reactions to the story:

For more on the story, head to our write-up, or Glenn Greenwald's big story in the Guardian.

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