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One of the first people to meet Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's new baby was inexplicably one of the dorkiest people on the planet, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak — or maybe it's not so inexplicable. Woz met little North West the other day as a birthday present to Kanye, who is "interested in technology and companies," Wozniak told CNN's Piers Morgan. That doesn't quite explain Woz as Kim's choice: he hasn't really worked at Apple since 1986. So, why, then did Woz get the honor? We investigate.

Woz "loves kids." It says so right on his personal website, right in the About section: "Loves children and dogs." Wozniak, you see, is the type of person who would show up just to see a baby and give it some TLC. He once gave so much money to the San Jose Children's Discovery Museum that they named a street after him, pictured at right. When he met with "Norie" West, he suggested he's done this kind of thing before: "I have seen a lot of babies," he told Morgan. 

Woz is available. Unlike other tech celebrities — like Mark Zuckerberg or that fun loving Tumblr CEO — Woz doesn't have a company to run. He does things, but not on a regular basis, and most of them consist of random appearances or speeches, which is basically what he did for Kimye. As such, Wozniak is very easy to get in touch with: he has multiple "speeches" inquiry numbers right on his personal homepage. 

Woz always shows up. For example, all the times he lined up first at Apple product launches. Kim knew that if she called, he'd come. 

Woz has minor celebrity appeal. His likeness will appear in the upcoming Jobs movie that looks so good but that Woz hates so bad. He also has star power with the tech-nerd set, which gives Kanye way more nerd cred. Also, he can handle seeing Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, and their royal baby without having a meltdown. He's a professional, after all.

Some mysteries still remain, of course. For instance: Why did Woz have to meet Kanye days after Kim had her baby? Isn't someone like Sean Parker more on the level of the Kimyes of the world? And why was the birthday present that Woz meet the newborn baby — couldn't he and Kanye have met for coffee or something? Or maybe, like much of what goes on in that world, it's not supposed to make any ense. 

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