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Apple, king of gadget design, teased its fans with a new round Mac Pro that — uh oh! — some think looks like a garbage can. Much like a little bathroom trash can it's black and round and its indented top even looks like a lid. At The Daily Beast, Sam Schlinkert noted that just 34 percent of their readers were fans of the new design and added, "which we think looks like a bathroom trash can." That might sound kind of ridiculous, considering the brilliant design minds over at Apple. But we bet you can't even tell the difference between Apple's top-of-the-line computer and an empty can for snotty tissues. Really, try out The Atlantic Wire quiz! (It's hard.)







Answers: 1. trash can, 2. trash can, 3. trash can, 4. trash can, 5. computer. 


Photos via Bed, Bath and Beyond, Twitter, and Apple.

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