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John McAfee — the millionaire software developer who was deported back to the U.S. after going on the run from murder charges in Belize — introduces the world to "both of his alter egos" in this oddly self-aware and totally wacky YouTube tutorial about how to uninstall McAfee anti-virus software. Throughout the video, in which McAfee reiterates multiple times that he hasn't had an affiliation with the McAfee company for 15 years, we meet various versions of McAfee that fit the media stereotypes of the man. Those depictions, it turns out, are what McAfee perceives to be his "alter egos." But, we're not so sure. 

After the first 10 seconds, for example, McAfee introduces himself as an "eccentric millionaire" — a favorite adjective used by journalists to describe the, well, eccentric millionaire. And that's just the first of many references to McAfee's colored past, according to media reports, he puts in the video. He alludes to his much younger love affairs at first with just one nearly nude woman kissing his cheek as he says he had "better things to do" than run a tech company. Then, later he has a half dozen women all over him as he does bath salts, his infamous drug of choice. At one point he pulls a gun — another one of his reported favorite pastimes.

This is curiously the version of John McAfee that McAfee claims the media sensationalized and made up. It's no surprise then, that the ending credits say the "character" of McAfee was played by "both of his alter egos." It's unclear where one ego takes over from the other — maybe the part after the bath salts? — or where those characterizations depart from his regular persona. Both of those alter egos kind of just sound like the regular ("eccentric") ole McAfee we've come to know and love. 

Anyway, watch the video below and judge for yourself. 

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