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Apparently with an eye on rumors of Apple entering the video game console business (again), Google is reportedly working on their own Android-based console. Oh, and an Android watch, too, which will also probably have an Apple competitor.  

According to the report from the Wall Street Journal (based, of course, on unnamed sources), one of the rumored devices — which also includes a Nexus Q media-playing device — would be released this fall. But according to the Journal, it looks like the company might have another compelling reason for getting into the game on gaming, at least when it comes to competing with more traditional gaming console makers:  

"Games that run on Android software have proved particularly popular, and they are growing much more quickly than games made for the big-name consoles supplied by Microsoft Corp., Sony Corp. and Nintendo Co. The appeal of such games has prompted the development of new devices aimed specifically for Android by other hardware companies." 

Google Play's store has over 100,000 games already loaded, so the company wouldn't be hurting for content if they did launch a console. They wouldn't, however, be the first Android-based console out there. The $99 Ouya, which launched this week, runs a version of Android. 

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